Visitors' draw

As every year, a draw will also be held at this year's SPEZI. For the prizes, have a look at Verlosung. Usually the prizes will be published by March at the latest.

You will receive your card for the draw together with your SPEZI wristband at the ticket desks in Hall 1 and Hall 3. The winners will be drawn in a closed session draw one week after the show and will be subsequently notified.

How can you win?

Just fill out your card and pop it into the collection box in Hall 3!

By the way: The address will only be used by the SPEZI team to send you information about next year's SPEZI. It will naturally not be provided to third parties and will be only used exclusively in connection with the SPEZI draw.

What are this year's prizes?

1. Preis: ein ein Liegetrike Full Fat von ICE (ohne E-Motor), gesponsert von der Firma ICLETTA, im Wert von ca. 5.000 €

1st prize:

ICE's Full Fat trike sponsored by ICLETTA, worth ca 5,000 €

2. Preis: ein Lastenanhänger (Basismodell) der Firma aidoo im Wert von ca. 1.780 €

2nd prize:

aidoo's bike cargo trailer (base model) worth

ca 1,780 €

3. Preis: ein Erwachsenentretroller der Marke Crussis, gesponsert von der Firma Tretrollermax, im Wert von ca. 420 €

3rd prize:

Crussis adults scooter sponsored by Tretrollermax worth ca 420 €

4. Preis: ein Bikeflag-Fahrradwimpel der Firma Traumvelo im Wert von ca. 49 €

4th prize:

Traumvelo's bike flag worth ca 49 €

5. Preis: ein Holz-Lastentrike der Firma Cargoli im Wert von ca. 28 €

5th prize:

Wooden Cargoli-trike worth  ca 28 €

6. Preis: ein Modell-Cargobike aus Holz von Cargoli; Wert ca. 28 €

6th prize:

Wooden Cargoli cargo bike Long John worth  ca 28 €