SPEZI is very well known to cyclists at home and abroad and this with good cause: in Germersheim well informed visitors meet bike manufacturers and trading companies from all over the world in a pleasant environment. Over the years the SPEZI has become bigger and bigger but it has retained its friendly and relaxed atmosphere nevertheless. 

But there are still other reasons why the SPEZI is a class of its own. On the following pages we want to show you what turns the (by comparison) small SPEZI into a very attractive exhibition. 


According to common opinion, the SPEZI, in contrast to the other mainline bicycle shows, can boast a very easy-going, relaxing, warm and friendly atmosphere. This unique ambiance encourages both visitors and exhibitors alike to chat, exchange views, philosophise and investigate new and exciting cycling experiences at first hand.

SPEZI exhibitors

In three halls and several outdoor areas, over 100 exhibitors from every possible sphere of special-bike design and construction (such as recumbents, fold-ups, transport bikes, velomobiles, tandems, special needs and accessories) display their products. Clubs, associations and travel representatives round off the range of SPEZI exhibitors. 


The SPEZI show is also a platform for events organised by exhibitors or clubs. In 2012 for instance the award ceremony of the HPV (Human Powered Vehicle Club) "HPV idea of the year" took place in the courtyard of Hall 3. 



Sundays is family day at SPEZI. The little ones can try out the amusements, the bunjee trampoline and the bouncy castle, on the playing green beside Hall 1  to their heart's delight. Not only that, the children also have their own special test track where they can ride all sorts of special bikes during both days of the show. On the courtyard of Hall 3, a bouncy castle and a selection of toys such as diabolos, pedalos etc. are available for the children. For kids from two years and older, there is a supervised area, the Kids' Corner, in the basement of Hall 1 where they can play with Lego and building bricks, and draw and meet other children.

It hardly ever rains on the SPEZI weekend, but should it happen: there are also card and board games for teenagers as well. 

What's new

The SPEZI always has something new to offer, sometimes even a world premiere: In 2014 for instance, the new "Velo-Schmitt" in the style of the  legendary 1950's "Messerschmitt Kabinenroller" made its first public appearance at the SPEZI. 

Many new products of the current exhibition are published on the SPEZI facebook site during the last few months before the SPEZI and a printed summary of new or particularly interesting models or products will be available in the lounge of Hall 1 on the SPEZI weekend.  

Test tracks

The heart of the SPEZI: nowhere else in Europe can so many special bikes be tried out and compared as at the SPEZI, according to the British cycling magazine "Encycleopedia". The SPEZI is the "living" Encycleopedia for hands-on experience! On the 2.000 m² test track for adults approximately 100 bikes can be tried out.

This track is accompanied by a children's test track for kids from 3 to about 12 years. And in addition to the huge adult test track there is a track for electric bikes just 300 m further on Germersheim's largest park. 

Electric bike test track

A special test track for e-bikes and Pedelecs was opened in 2011. It was initially set up and run by ExtraEnergy.org. Since 2014, bicycle dealers from the region have been presenting roughly 40 different bikes with electrical drives at this track for a test run.

Guided tour for journalists

Bikes for every purpose are on exhibition at the SPEZI show. The variety presented is difficult to put in a nutshell. For this reason, we offer journalists a guided tour of the exhibition centre where they can discover and explore a plethora of new and exciting products. Interviews with the exhibitors are also possible of course.

Information on the press tour is available on Saturday morning at our press reception desk in the foyer of Hall 1.


Each year there is a draw on the SPEZI. Every SPEZI visitor is allowed to participate. The tickets are near the cash desks. Just drop the completed ticket into the box in Hall 3. 

You want to know what the prizes are? Well, if you are one of the main winners it's a special bike! The actual prizes will be announced during the last few weeks before the SPEZI. 


On Saturday and Sunday there will be various lectures focussing on special bikes, cycling and touring with a bike. Globetrotters with present their journeys with fascinating images und there will always be interesting seminars on technical issues.

Since 2014 a seminar hall of the University of Germersheim serves as the venue for the SPEZI seminars. Follow the signs. It's about 300 m from Hall 1 in a beautiful park. The seminars are mainly held in German but every now and then there are English language seminars, too. The current SPEZI seminar programme is published in March.

Sunny weather

Germersheim is situated in a very sunny part of Germany and the SPEZI weekend is usually one of the first warm weekends of the year. You can sit on the terrace of the Stadtgarten Restaurant near Hall 1, sit on the lawn in the Lamotte Park and watch the electric bikes cruising the park or have a crêpe in the courtyard of Hall 3 where children find numerous play things. What to do if it rains? Well, there are 3 exhibition halls, after all.