Getting to the show in Germersheim


Germersheim is a district town located in the south of Germany between Speyer and Karlsruhe (near Heidelberg) directly on the Rhine and is very easy to reach both by public and private transport.

The SPEZI takes place in the area around the Civic Hall (Tournuser Platz 3, 76726 Germersheim). The exhibition centre is comprised of three buildings (Civic Hall, Sports Hall, Technical College), the central bus station, part of the Lamotte Park, and the connecting Ritter-von-Schmauß-Straße.  The seminars are held in a lecture hall 'Hörsaal 328' of the University.

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Getting to the show by bike

Running along the banks of Germany's great and legendary river, the Rhine cycling path leads cyclists directly into Germersheim. From the south, it approaches from France/Karlsruhe/Wörth, from the north, it passes through Ludwigshafen/Speyer. A truly wonderful route for those travelling by bike!

Rheinradweg bei Germersheim

You can download other arrival routes in the Rhineland Palatinate for free from the regional website for long-distance cycling routes (link: Enter "Germersheim, Tournuser Platz" under "End Point" in the cycle journey planner. 

Getting to the show by train

Train connections are available (usually every half-hour) in the direction of Speyer/Ludwigshafen, Bruchsal and Wörth/Karlsruhe or Landau. You can find out about precise departure and arrival times under Deutsche Bahn AG; information also in English. 

In addition to its normal train station, Germersheim also has a tram stop called "Mitte-Rhein" which is closer to the civic hall than the main station. Instead of a walk of some 1600 m from the station, it is only 700 m by foot from the "Mitte-Rhein" stop to the SPEZI Hall 3.

For those arriving by rail from the south, there are inexpensive tram connections from Karlsruhe that halt at the "Mitte-Rhein" stop. Those coming from the north and wishing to save themselves the longer walk from the main station can take the S 52 tram from there. However, depending on the connection, this can involve a wait of up to a quarter of an hour until the tram departs.

Getting to the show by VRN or KVV

Germersheim belongs to the transport networks VRN and KVV, too. SPEZI visitors from the nearer vicinity can avail of VRN- and KVV-tickets.

Walking from one of the stations to the SPEZI

Walking from the main station

The walk from the main train station to the SPEZI exhibition centre (about 1,5 km) leads you along pathways through and around the historic fortress walls and buildings of the town. When you arrive at the station, follow the signposts for the “Innenstadt” (town centre), pass by the lower side of the Ludwigspark green (on the right) and the historic Zeughaus (road museum on the left), and continue as far as the Schlossstraße (right).  

The Zeughausstraße directly at the beginning of the Schlossstraße leading to the left is the entrance to the historic fortress circuit around the town. Continue along this path and you will pass the “Arrestgebäude” (former military prison) on the right. You will then arrive at a square called Paradeplatz, on the left you will see the old military hospital of the fortress (Festungslazarett). Walk left along the old hospital building in the direction of the Weißenburger Tor (former town gate). When you arrive at the gate, turn right into the Ritter-von-Schmauß-Straße. After a good 100 metres or so you will arrive at Hall 3.

Walking from Germersheim Mitte/Rhein station

SPEZI visitors coming from the south and arriving at the Germersheim Mitte/Rhein station on the S51 or S52 trams should cross the rails, carry straight on and then turn to the left into the Zeughausstr. From here follow the same directions as above (about 0.8 km).

Alternatively, you can turn right into the August-Keiler-Straße after crossing the rails too. This way is a little bit shorter but not as picturesque. Then take the second road to the right (leading to a car park) and cross the bridge to the Weißenburger Gateway, take a look at the SPEZI test track for e-bikes and then turn right into the Ritter-von-Schmauß-Straße (about 0.6 km).


And if you are lucky, a shuttle bike will be waiting to take you to the exhibition! 

Travelling to the SPEZI by car

Germersheim can be reached via the

  • B 35 road leading to the A 5 motorway (Bruchsal intersection)

  • B 9 road leading to the A 61 motorway at Speyer and the A 5 and A 8 motorways at Karlsruhe