Delivery zone plan

Exhibitors can drive right up to the exhibition center halls in order to load and unload their equipment and bikes for setting up their stalls on Friday and for dismantling them on Sunday evening. Please proceed as follows:

For access to the delivery zones:

Hall / Outdoor area
1 and A
Coming from the Theobaldstraße: turn into the Tournuser Platz (Outdoor Area A), Hall 1 is just a few meters from here.
2 (and B)
From the Zeppelinstraße turn into the driveway of the Eduard-Orth school and continue past the playing green. The entrance to Hall 2 is in the center of the round area in front of you.
Turn from the "Paradeplatz" into the "Ritter-von-Schmauß-Straße". Pass the back entrance of Hall 3 and turn right into the courtyard of Hall 3. The entrance of Hall 3 is facing towards the green area.
4 3
Turn from the "Paradeplatz" into the "Ritter-von-Schmauß-Straße". After 100 m the back entrance  of Hall 3 is located to the right side.

This access to hall 3 is shorter than with option 5, there are a few steps, though.

5 E-Parcours
Coming from the Paradeplatz turn into the Ritter-von-Schmauß-Straße. After 100 m turn into the street "An der Grabenwehr".
Coming from the south turn into "An Fronte Lamotte" at the roundabout. Than turn right into the "Ritter-von-Reichel-Straße". The delivery zone for the SPEZI test track for electric bikes is located at the next bend.

Set up: Friday from 14 to 22 hrs
Dismantling: Sunday not before 18 to 22 hrs

Please note: When you have finished setting up your stall on Friday, please ensure that your vehicle immediately leaves the delivery zone and that it is parked elsewhere, as all delivery zones are also access routes for the fire-fighting services and must be kept clear at all times.
Thank you for your cooperation!