Advertising your products

For you as an exhibitor from the special bikes industry, we offer the optimum forum for advertising your products: with over 10,000 visitors each year (during a two-day period) and more than one hundred exhibitors, SPEZI is the world's largest consumer show for special bikes and accessories!

Your ad in the exhibition catalog

As a SPEZI exhibitor you can take out a one-page advertisement in the trade show catalogue. The costs are already covered by the flat-rate advertising fee. Of course, you can book additional space, if you want to.

For further information please download the information sheet "Advertising in our catalogue" under "Exhibitors > Booking".

Banners in the open-air areas

You can place banners on the open-air areas of the SPEZI.

Prominent places:

  • The fence around the Outdoor Area on the Tournuser Platz
  • The fence around the test ground near Hall 1

Banner on the SPEZI website

Bannerwerbung im Internet
Bannerwerbung im Internet
Place a banner ad on our website. This ad will appear on each page of our site. 

Valid file formats:

Static banners with the following formats: GIF, PNG und JPG.

Animated banners as .gif files.

Banner size:

max 206 x 103 pixels (W x H).

Individual text in the list of exhibitors

The list of exhibitors contains a short description of your company and products. This text can be easily changed. Just contact us and send us your information, preferably in German, English and French. We'll update your entry in the list as soon as possible.  

Information about the advertising options

SPEZI catalogue:

See the information sheet "Advertising in our catalogue" under "Exhibitors > Booking" or "Service > Downloads" for detailed information about your ad in the SPEZI catalogue that is handed out to the SPEZI visitors.

Banners (in the SPEZI open-air areas or on the SPEZI website) and your entry in the list of exhibitors: 

Please contact the organizer of the SPEZI, Hardy Siebecke, for further information on conditions and prices:

Tel.: +49 (0) 7274 9091240
Fax: +49 (0) 7274 9091250