Opening hours

The SPEZI is open on Saturday the 25th April 2020 from

10.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs

and on Sunday the 26th April 2020 from

11.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs

Please note, that access to the main test track can only be permitted to visitors with a valid SPEZI ticket and personal identity card/passport. Tickets will be sold on both days from 9.15 hrs onwards. Lectures start at various times during the day.



Price in €

Children up to 6 years free
Adults 12,–
Teenagers 7 – 17 years) 8,–
Families 24,–
Two-day ticket 20,–
Two-day ticket for families 38,–
Late entry (admission from 16 hrs) 6,–


Price in €

Adult special reduction 9,–
Two-day ticket special reduction 16,–
Reduction against production of a valid student ID, special-needs ID, retirement ID and unemployment ID.

The price includes entry to the three exhibition halls, the inventors hall and the seminars, the use of the test tracks and your own copy of the SPEZI catalogue.

Please note:

Only visitors who have a valid SPEZI wristband and identity card/passport will be allowed to enter the test tracks. For security reasons teenagers (under 18) will not be allowed to enter the tracks unaccompanied.

Ticket desks

Tickets are sold from 9.00 hrs onwards on both days. Apart from the ticket desks in the lounge of Hall 1 there is a ticket desk in the lounge of Hall 3.