We make every effort possible to ensure that people with impaired mobility in particular have access to all the SPEZI venues, whether indoors or outdoors. SPEZI is, after all, an important date in the year for visitors who wish to live a mobile and independent life despite a disability.

 However, some problems cannot be avoided due to certain structural features of the exhibition halls and outdoor areas that are available for the SPEZI show.

Electric bike test track

The default entrance to the electric bike test track in the Lamotte-Park leads over some steps. On the other side of the steps there is a ramp suitable for wheelchair users, though. Please inform the staff at the information desk of the electric bike test track. They will guide you over this ramp. Please excuse this inconvenience.

Toilet facilities

Restrooms for wheelchair users are located in the basement of Hall 1. They can be reached by lift from the foyer. There are further restrooms next to the seminar hall in the new building of the University and in the new community center "Bürgerhaus" to the left of the road between Hall 3 and the electric bike test track (with eurokey).

Seminar Hall

 Fortunately, presentations and seminars will no longer be held in the basement of Hall 3. The venue has been moved to the lecture room of the university which offers barrier-free accessibility to everyone.